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AMA showers exhibit the full beauty of their shape and maximum technical potential in outdoor areas.
They are designed, constructed and tested to deal with all weather conditions and types of use, and are made of anti-corrosion material and come with a three-year guarantee that covers all components.
Private customers, tourist establishments, swimming pools and beach service providers can make their premises stylish with AMA's wide range of outdoor showers that have a minimalist, sharp, sleek design.

ATLAS MINIMAL collection out

Thanks to the small size of the diameter and the minimal taps, the essential design stands out in all its essence. The collection includes shower column, bath and washbasin mixers.




Excellent performance without sacrificing the modern design. Thanks to the black powder coating, done entirely on the column, the water tank heats up very quickly. The built-in shower head and the small dimensions of the product are not invasive, but at the same time they are of great impact, thanks also to the design handle that stands out in the center of the column.


A solar shower column with a sophisticated design. The stainless steel rectangular tank makes this column unique, while also ensuring a large surface to absorb heat.


Solar shower function in a minimalist round classic version. Made of a circular stainless steel block, this column combines the functionality of a solar shower with compact dimensions.


This classic design has light essential lines. It features minimalist shapes and the value of this line lies in its versatility and extreme simplicity to use.


Linear volume and detail. Born as a nautical need, this shower made from a single solid stainless steel body with integrated shower head and design handle, makes any environment majestic.


Essential line for retro lovers. This is a one-piece item and is characterised by its simple shape combined with the practicality of side controls. The possibility of combining different functions makes it perfect for pool edges.

ATLAS collection out

Well-finished design and slender shape. This column with a satin finish or in an opaque black alternative completes and personalises the outdoor space with its characteristic free-fall spray.


Clean sophisticated design creating a sleek object. Contained structural dimensions forming one body add a touch of style and linearity to any setting.

VENERE collection out

Perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Available in 11 versions, this shower adapts to all settings and requirements perfectly. The craft design enhances its profile and makes it a sophisticated complement to outdoor furnishings.


Generous shapes for sophisticated outlines.Thanks to its sturdy hardened steel structure and a version with built-in photocell, Plutone is the ideal solution for accommodation facilities.


The sophistication of curves. The round column and gently sloping curve express subtlety that is fully illustrated in versions with the in-built shower head. Its shape is especially appreciated in the nautical industry.


Sophisticated design with sharp lines. The solid weld-free surface makes this shower aesthetically appealing and unique among its kind. The curved column and straight side lines give the most sophisticated settings a touch of style.


The harmony of its lines is enhanced by the mirrored finish. This outdoor rectangular shower column has been designed for users who desire the austere charm of linearity in outdoor settings, too.


Balancing style and solidity. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the general public, this shower column is ideal at beach facilities, resorts and hotels with a swimming pool area.


Exquisite simplicity and proven functionality. Specially designed for use in public areas; equipped with timer tap to ration water consumption.Ideal for public pools and beach facilities.

THETYS outdoor

Neoclassical design combined with the harmony of simplicity. This outdoor fountain with faucet and rear connection will give your garden a touch of surprising style.

RHEA taps



Wellbeing and elegance. Ninfe is a sophisticated shower arm that indulges the user with pleasure and comfort thanks to multiple jets with a mirrored finish.


Compact essential design. Symmetry and character make this shower arm a charming fitting for luxury hotels and private residences.


Minimalist design with maximum visual impact. A classic shower arm which naturally combines modern style with a retro look thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel.


Versatile design combined with the value of stainless steel.


Versatile design combined with the value of stainless steel.
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