made in Italy

Target Market

The top-quality showers created by AMA Luxury Shower are smart and sleek and designed to enhance stylish surroundings.
Retailers and distributors
Retailers and distributors are a constantly expanding market for AMA Luxury Shower given the excellent synergy developed with this customer category. Having quality shower solutions available and the benefit of a competent, flexible company provides retailers and distributors with a highly-capable point of contact in terms of quantities and lead times, in addition to an efficient after-sales and technical support service.
Spas, hotels, beach facilities
The AMA lines designed for spas, hotels and beach facilities were created to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements, and often form part of the identity of the premises where they are installed. These products have a high level of aesthetic appeal, and are the result of considerable expertise in making bespoke shower solutions that can be equipped with aromatherapy and colour therapy functions, not to mention devices to save water and energy.
AMA Luxury Shower is an Italian company that produces all its products and components internally, making it the ideal supplier of quality shower solutions for many companies in the building trade. Having access to an expert point of contact that can provide technical support and advice on production versatility and design provides builders with guarantees regarding agreed lead times for considerable amounts of bespoke solutions, as well as the certainty of always being able to source spare parts and accessories for any AMA Luxury Shower product.
Architects & Designers
AMA Luxury Shower works regularly with architects and designers to develop its product lines and make bespoke solutions. This is only possible due to AMA's extensive experience in engineering and metalworking, which has produced creative, craft expertise.
Nautical industry
The focus AMA Luxury Shower puts on the quality of materials used, such as AISI316L, commonly known as marine steel, and the company's design culture, have led to interest from operators in the naval industry. Expertise in devising bespoke solutions for installation requirements in terms of dimensions, ergonomics and functionality has resulted in AMA Luxury Shower working regularly with boatyards and operators in the nautical and naval industry.
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